The Benefits of Bone Broth for those with Arthritis

Bone broth benefits are acknowledged as almost magical by leading nutritionists

The benefits of bone broth are lauded as almost magical by leading nutritionists. Here you can find out the most important facts about why bone broth has become the latest buzz recipe. 

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What is bone broth?

Bone broth is made by brewing the bones, joints, and the connective tissues of either beef, chicken or fish to create a liquid broth. Nutritionists recommend that you drink this wholesome broth to gain from the various health benefits.

The smell of a wonderfully prepared bouillon or stock soup makes everyone feel cozy and homely. Bone broth can be enjoyed any time of the year – not only in the cold and grey winter months. It makes a delicious healthy comfort food for the entire family. 

The amazing thing about bone broth is it´s numerous health benefits, which include supporting weight loss, anti-inflammatory properties, providing vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, to name just a few…

People living with osteoarthritis may be interested to know the specific benefits of bone broth relating to osteoarthritis…

The anti-inflammatory effects of bone broth

the benefits of bone broth are many and varied
Both broth is rich in the amino acid glutamine which plays a crucial role in gut health

Current studies have shown that the amino acid glutamine may play a crucial role in healthy gut function. 

Glutamine supports the regeneration of the gut mucosa, which lines our intestines. If the gut mucosa is damaged or destroyed, the protective function, which it performs cannot be maintained. As a result, gut bacteria and other tiny particles can pass through the intestinal barrier. These tiny particles and bacteria then infiltrate various systems and parts of the body, causing inflammation.  This mechanism of infiltration has been highlighted as the probable cause of many chronic inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. One of the most relevant benefits of bone broth, therefore seems to be to provide an easily usable source of glutamine, which supports the important repair processes of the gut mucosa. 

Bone broth for joints

A study by California based scientists, published in 2016, showed that osteoarthritis patients showed significant improvements in pain, stiffness, and activity levels when they supplemented with type II collagen. Therefore the supplementation of collagen type II is highly relevant for osteoarthritis patients. However, supplementing with type II collagen can prove to be challenging, based on the lack of high quality, reliable, bio-available nutritional supplements.

When preparing bone broth at home, all the parts of the poulty, fish or animal should be used. This is because the bones, bone marrow, cartilage, and skin are all great sources of collagen. By using all these parts of the animal when making your nutritious homemade broth, you optimise the natural sources of easily absorbed, collagen type II and all the wonderful health benefits of bone broth.  

another benefit of bone broth is that it helps collagen production
Bone broth. One of the benefits of bone broth for osteoarthritis patients is that it is a good source of collagen for the joints.

Vitamins and nutrients found in bone broth

The bones in bone broth provide essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. In addition, by using the bone marrow, joints and connective tissues when making bone broth, they provide the body with essential amino acids. Bone marrow is also rich in iron, vitamins A and K, fatty acids, zinc and selenium. All of these nutrients and vitamins are very important in order to maintain healthy joints and improve osteoarthritis symptoms. You can optimize the health benefits by adding wholesome vegetables and herbs to your soup. 

A summary of the benefits of bone broth

Bone broth has many health benefits. It also provides important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Not only is it easy to prepare, you can also freeze smaller portions – then simply defrost, warm up and enjoy anytime you need some health boosting broth. You can also use the bone broth in many other dishes such as casseroles, stews, or any dish which requires stock, although to get the best benefits of bone broth you should drink the broth simply as it is.

Would you like to learn how to prepare the best bone broth with the most health benefits? Here is our favorite bone broth recipe. 


Dr Eszter Tánczos Olver

Medical doctor with qualifications from the Universities of Semmelweis in Budapest, Hungary and Albert Ludwig´s in Freiburg, Germany. Dr Tánczos Olver has over 20 years of experience in orthopedic medical innovation and technologies. Dr Tánczos Olver is an expert in the fields of regenerative medicine, medical technology and biotechnology. Dr. med
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